Beacon — Always know if your networks leak!

Always know if your network leaks

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"Companies should invest in monitoring the isolation of their production networks. 81% of the participant organisations’ networks that were intended to be isolated leaked in unexpected ways"

Beacon calls Home

Always know if your network leaks. Designed for customers who depend on network segregation.

Network isolation

You rely on it. You may call it isolation, segregation, segmentation, partition or sandboxing. But do you know it works? Privacy, critical infrastructure protection, payment safety or your sanity may require it.

Cover all the layers

Firewall rules, routing, VPNs, switch VLANs, cabling - it is just impossible to review everything works right everywhere and all the time! With Beacon, the testing is straightforward and continuous.


Rather than finding 300 potential issues in one location, test one important security control in 300 locations.

Beacon calls Home and Home alerts User

Put them in your networks and they will alert if your networks leak. Beacons try to connect to their Home over IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS, Ethernet Broadcast and IP Payload. If they succeed, Home alerts you via Slack or HTTP-API.

Beacon covers your bases

Beacon checks for problems with firewalled, layered and air gapped isolations. You can use Beacons to cover a wide range of your protection scenarios, see below for examples and get more in depth look into how Beacon can help from our whitepapers ».

SensorFu Beacon Home

Firewalled - Layered
Virtual Private Cloud
Beacon Application can be installed in clouds and is used to test isolation in VPCs or individual service deployments.
SensorFu Beacon Home

Secure Workstation Network
Secure Workstation Networks are usually strictly firewalled, Beacon Device can be used to validate the isolation.
SensorFu Beacon Home

Device Virtual APP
Industry Network
The strong layered isolation in Industry Networks can be tested with Beacon Device, Virtual or App.
SensorFu Beacon Home

Security Camera Network
Security Camera Networks are usually firewalled, Beacon Device can be used to test isolation.
SensorFu Beacon Home

Device Virtual
Management Network
Isolation in Management networks is usually layered. Beacon Device or Beacon Virtual can be used.
SensorFu Beacon Home

Layered - Airgapped
Dedicated workstation
Needs and means to isolate dedicated workstations can be strong - use Beacon Application to make sure they stay strong.

Deploy every way

Beacons can be deployed in bare metal, virtual machines, containers, and even on small gadgets. And it is compatible with your deployment solution. We got you covered.

Beacon application

Beacon Application

Install the Beacon Application on workstations, laptops or cloud deployments you need to keep safe.

Beacon Application is extremely easy to deploy to existing environments. You can also use management tools like Microsoft System Center or GPO, Puppet, Ansible, etc. Just add Beacon application to your management automation and get full coverage on how well your isolation is working.

Linux application is available for AMD64, ARMv7 and AArch64 architecture.
Windows Application is available for AMD64 architecture.
Windows Application includes TCP, UDP and DNS tests.

How to deploy »
Deployment with GPO »

Beacon virtual machine

Beacon Virtual

Launch the virtual Beacons inside data centers and see if they can call their Home. Download Beacon Virtual Machine in standard OVA -format from Beacon Home and put your VM to right network and you are ready.

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Beacon device

Beacon Device

Use the Beacon Devices to test network isolation on premises. Leave them behind, move them around, have them all around. Works with Raspberry Pi*. Download image from Beacon Home, copy it to SD card and you are ready to deploy the Beacon Device to your network.
"Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation"

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Get started

Enhancing your network security has never been so easy.

Where you can deploy?

You can either deploy directly to Windows or Linux machine you want to protect or on Raspberry Pi, KVM, VirtualBox or VMWare in the target network segment.

What will you get from us?

You get Beacon Home for your organization with instructions. From Home you can download Beacon Application, Beacon Virtual Machines and Beacon Device image for Raspberry Pi. Your subscription includes customer support and free upgrades. Customer support is available over email and Slack.

What can you integrate with?

You can integrate alerts with Slack or a syslog server. You can leverage your SIEM as well via APIs.


Basic subscription gives you one Home and unlimited beacons. Support and upgrades included. Please contact us for pricing.

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