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To make sure our customers get all the support needed we have co-operation all around the globe. We aim to work in close relationship with our partners to make sure that end users get what they need.
Justin Spyridis

Region: Australia
Contact person: Justin Spyridis
E-mail: Justin @ 0rion.io
Cell Phone: +61 466 189 892

Ben Carlton

Contact person: Ben Carlton
E-mail: Ben @ 0rion.io
Cell Phone: +61 438 213 509

0rion was formed in 2018 by professionals with decades of combined experience in the Cloud, AI, OT, IT, Logistics, Banking, Security, IoT and Telecommunications sectors. The 0rion team know exactly what it takes to deliver customer obsessed outcomes, that make a data driven quantifiable difference.

0rion has a passion in understanding unique business challenges and developing practical implementations, against a range of use cases, solving key business problems through solution design and implementation.

0rion specialises in security tooling, as we understand that across most industries, security focus is often an afterthought when fast paced innovation is involved. It is for this very reason 0rion ensure every solution is actively given the correct security tools to integrate with your existing platforms. Network integrity is never given a back seat. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Region: Finland, Singapore
Contact person: David Chartier
E-mail: contact @ arcticsecurity.com
Cell Phone: +358 20 743 0010

Our mission is to help you get organized in cyber defense through defense cells. We want to get both governmental and commercial cyber security centers and other cyber officials connected with companies and organizations to share the critical threat intelligence between each other. The more threat intelligence is spread inside a defense cell the more resilient the parties and eventually, the internet, become.

Jani Kenttälä

Region: Finland
Contact person: Jani Kenttälä
E-mail: contact @ badrap.com
Cell Phone: +358 40 148 5100

Badrap playbooks help you deal with your cyber security routines easily and effortlessly. From security awareness training and security auditing to supply chain monitoring, exposed services monitoring and network isolation testing, our step-by-step best practices boost your online security and privacy. Our integrations help you monitor your critical assets in the cloud and on premises. Automation, smart recommendations and reminders help you achieve your goals. Our tiered subscription pricing allows you to benefit from comprehensive services from our own experts as well as from our extensive network of trusted partners.

SensorFu and Badrap have collaborated to provide together a Network Isolation playbook. The playbook employs SensorFu Beacons to discover network isolation failures, and Badrap helps you fix them. Check out the playbook and see how easy cyber security can be!

Connect Pacific

Mal Kelly

Region: Australia
Contact person: Mal Kelly
E-mail: mal.kelly @ connectpacific.com
Cell Phone: +61 413 208 744

Commencing operation in 2002, Connect Pacific was created by experts from a diverse background of telecommunications operators, telecom equipment and software vendors, software development start-ups and international IT and Telecoms standards development. We provide consultation on both business and technology, and offer business and sales development for innovative products solving both new and old IT problems. We pro-actively work with start-ups to assist them in their sales and marketing efforts and, sometimes, we become active investors.

Region: Romania
Contact person: Angelos Fountoulakis
E-mail: angelos.fountoulakis@epg.ro
Website: epg.ro

Eximprod Group is an innovator in the automation of the energy industry, the production of equipment and products of high, medium and low voltage and renewable energy. The aim of the company is to offer technological solutions, consulting, turnkey design to support the clients' needs in the success of their business.

Region: China
Contact person: Uny Zhang 张威
E-mail: uny @ fistsec.com
Cell Phone: +86 13701883834
Website: www.fistsec.com

FistSec is a cyber security solution provider in China. Empowered with the cutting edge cyber security technologies from leading countries such as USA, Israel, Finland and etc, FistSec aims to provide the best turnkey security solutions and services to Chinese customers.

FistSec team is from world leading cyber security firms, with rich experience in this industry. FistSec has helped customers with lots of successful cases in a variety of industries, including Telecom, ICS/SCADA, Internet, Automotive and Education Government in China.

Region: Finland
Contact person: Jarno Lötjönen
E-mail: jarno.lotjonen@jamk.fi
Cell Phone: +358 40 656 5240
Website: jyvsectec.fi

JYVSECTEC - Jyväskylä Security Technology is the leading independent cyber security research, development, and training center in Finland.

JYVSECTEC works to provide a real value for our customers and to accelerate the technological development and preparedness against modern threats. The value is a result from our information and cyber security related services and R&D operations to public and private sector. Service catalog consists of cyber security exercises, personnel training, software testing, and management consulting as well as accreditation and certification functionalities. In the future we are expecting to strengthen our position by increasing our involment in European wide projects and global co-operations.

Region: Sweden
Contact person: Anders Hansson
E-mail: anders.hansson @ sectra.com
Cell Phone: +46 72 20 38 340
Website: communications.sectra.com

Cybersecurity solutions and services for a new era

In order to offer the best possible product to the public, critical infrastructure operations have several types of systems and networks that communicate with each other. These systems, physical as well as virtual, can be quite complex since they manage the controls for several processes and involve numerous sub-suppliers.

Over time, complex systems tend to become even more advanced, which makes it difficult to isolate them from attacks and outside influences. The Sectra Network Alert service continuously performs network testing to search for loopholes in the security isolation layers. It was developed for critical infrastructure operations and is easily installed without any effect on the existing system.


Region: Finland
Contact person: Sami Petäjäsoja
E-mail: sami.petajasoja@sensorfleet.com
Cell Phone: +358 40 5030745
Website: sensorfleet.com

SensorFleet solution is an open sensor platform that can host detection, protection and scanning tools — called Instruments — from 3rd parties, whether commercial, open source or developed in-house. Solution reduces complexity in managing cyber security capabilities and readily available deployment platform improves response times for emerging threats.

Region: Latvia
E-mail: spektrs[a]spektrs.io
Website: spektrs.io

Spektrs IO is a Latvian company founded in 2021, that highly values enhancing and bolstering national capabilities and resiliency in cyberspace. We trust, that providing these capabilities to our allies in NATO, European Union, and international like-minded partners strengthens the global cyber security ecosystem. We highly value privacy, security, and continuous evolution through research, development, and partnership expansion. We believe in augmenting and expanding human expert capabilities through intuitive and transparent cybersecurity solutions.

Region: Norway
Contact person: Stig Mortvedt
E-mail: stig @ lastmile.no
Cell Phone: +47 971 66 899
Website: www.lastmile.no

Last Mile AS is Scandinavia's leading supplier of communication and security solutions for all industrial environments on land and at sea.

Region: Finland
Contact person: Pasi Heikkinen
E-mail: pasi.heikkinen @ loihde.com
Cell Phone: +358 301 0222
Website: www.loihdetrust.com

The main task of Loihde Trust is to increase our customers’ trust in the future. Loihde Trust produces comprehensive corporate security solutions, from security technology to cyber security. When corporate security is viewed as a whole, you can create a business environment for the customer, where the customer is able to develop and focus on core competencies. Loihde Trust is a corporate network that consists of Loihde Trust that focuses on protecting the physical and digital world, Loihde Trust Spellpoint that focuses on identity and access management and Loihde Trust Tansec that focuses on data transfer.

Region: Singapore / SEA
Contact person: Trevor Goh
E-mail: enquiries@tg-security.com
Cell Phone: +65 9150 0225
Website: tg-security.com

We specialized in emerging and innovative technology to service our partner and customer ecosystem.

A secure cyberspace based on collaboration and trust.

To form strategic alliances and offer purpose-built solutions to safeguards our customers critical assets.

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